What’s so special with the smart bulbs?

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Are you wondering? what’s so special with the smart bulbs and why do people go gaga about it? Don’t worry! You are at the right place. I will tell you what’s so special with the smart bulbs and why you should buy one for your house.

Are you a 90’s kid?

If yes, then you can’t forget the way we deal with the bulbs. We had “0” watts bulb, which obviously not “0” watts because any electronic device requires electricity to run. The consumption varies from device to device but any device which runs in electricity would consume “X” amount of electricity. Okay let’s get to the point. We would have seen gorgeous tube lights during our school and college days with a small choke (I used to do magic by turning it clock wise and anti clockwise if the light didn’t turn on, im 100% sure, you also would have done the same) and there were yellow colored filament bulbs used in the bathroom and finally we all know there was a blue/orange/green/lightyellow colored night bulbs which was used as a night lamp. So tubelights, “0” watts bulb or yellow colored filament bulb 💡 and then the night bulb.

These are the only bulbs which we would have seen/experienced in our childhood. Life was so simple then. You just have to put the switch on to see the light coming out of the bulb. Lets cut the long story short. Lets get back to 2020. Forget Corona, the most used word across the world in the past few months. You also must have heard a lot of jargons such as AI, Machine learning, deep learning, Chatbots, IOT…Wait did I tell IOT? Yes, we are entering in to the core subject – What’s so special with the smart bulbs?

Waited for 5 years to buy a smart bulb 🙁

I was in a dilemma for the past 5 years, since when Philips launched IOT enabled smart bulbs. I went to Philips smart hub in my city, 5 years ago to check the price and also to experience the advancement in technology. So I entered the showroom asked the sales rep about the IOT bulbs, he looked at me like an alien for few seconds and then took me to a corner and showed me a bulb. I was so excited and wanted to see how it works.

Without any delay, I asked the sales rep to show me a demo. He said he has to connect it with a hub and it will take some time and he was about to close the showroom, So I didn’t want to torture him anymore, hence I told him that I will come back the next day.

I went there the next day to see the IOT marvel, he showed me the philips bulb which glowed when he switched it on using a mobile phone app. Then I asked him about the process and the cost. He explained me that we need a hub which can be used to light up 10 to 12 bulbs and the cost for the hub + 1 bulb was above 5k. I was shocked, why would I invest 5k for a bulb when I can get the same bulb (non smart) for 250rs.


Finally, today my dream came true when I received the Syska smart bulb in Amazon. You can see the pictures below to know about the colors & features. Especially I love the automation & voice control. You can change the colors and set mood based on various triggers, one such is weather. How cool isn’t it?

Syska Smart Bulb – https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B08BKWMBBJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

What are you waiting for? Head over to Amazon right away to own this beauty.

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