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We all access internet. Isn’t it? How many of us know that we consume only 5% of the total bandwidth of the overall internet data base.


Yes even i was surprised when i went deep in to the world of internet.

Let me come to the point. Internet is divided in to 3 segments.

1. Surface web
2. Dark web
3. Deep web

As I already told, surface web is just 5% of the over all internet bandwidth. Dark web constitutes of 91% of the data and deep web is 4%.

What are these classifications? Why did they split it like that?
Let me tell you.

Surface web is the regular module that we use on a daily basis to access information or to chat with a friend or to post an update in FB or Twitter.

Then comes dark web. Have you ever gone beyond more than 10 pages of your search result? Just google “cricket” in mobile or desktop. You will roughly get 650 mn search results. And this 650mn is just 5%. Cant believe? Its true.

What you see in SERP or Google search engine ranking page are actually indexed by the spiders. Google bots, which scans trillions of websites, scans for meta data or keyword which is relevant to the users search query and shows it in the search page.

What if a website owner does not want google to index their website. What if he/she does drug trading via online? Or provide hitmen service? Or sell guns?

Yes ofcourse. What you guessed is absolutely right. Dark web has an extensive database of medical, military, porn, hitmen service, drug trade etc., These data cannot be accessed by your regular browser or through google. You have to use duckduckgo search engine to access darkweb.

So how do you access dark and deep web?

Dark Web can be accessed only through TOR browsers. Hackers call it as “Onion routing”. It was developed in the mid 90s by US Naval lab and its almost impossible to find out the user from a TOR network because it has the powerful encryption, so all the queries goes through series of peer computers and reaches the destination to access the information that you are searching for.

You may ask how do these people transact? Can we identify them based on the payment information. Sorry!!!!

Hackers use crypto currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum etc., So its almost equal to finding a rain drop in the ocean. In other way its impossible.

I want end this story with a real life example. Some of you must be knowing about wikileaks, snowden? The one who leaked confidential data to public. He accessed US govt. data in dark web only.

End of Story!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about Dark Web. I have always been very curious to know how it works. I will be eager to learn more about it in your blogs to come!

    1. Thank you Zishan for sharing your feedback. We will provide more details on Dark Web in the next post. Keep visiting the blog.

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